Cleverly Made Christmas Cards

Leading into this festive season, two wonderful semi-retired teachers — who are very talented card makers, held a Christmas card making workshop one weekend. I was one of the numerous enthusiastic ones and loved every minute of it. Our instructors, made it look so easy, which of course made me feel and look extremely clever.


My original intention for the Christmas cards was to give them away, but when I saw how stunning they looked and how much time each one took — I was having separation issues.

However, upon showing them to some of my intended recipients, they were mesmerised, fascinated and absolutely loving particular ones. Their reaction took me by surprise. I had not expected such enthusiasm. It truly caught me off guard. It gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling, that something so simple could give someone such pleasure. Hence, I have locked away my selfish self — in the spirit of Christmas. I have taken note and am giving the cards out over the Christmas period to my loved ones.

Here is more of my clever handy work thanks to those two wonderful teachers. Also if any of the talented card makers out in the blogosphere could do a step-by-step, sometime in the future, I would enjoy reliving my experience. Some of the equipment and techniques they used astounded me.p1030723



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