Week 1 – First Person

Bibliography 15yo boy – 1st person, 484 words

What do teachers know. I’m sicka sitting here all day, every day. If I stay home, dad’ll give me a floggin, so I gotta be here. I’d rather be down the skatepark or kick boxin but my old man has friends in high places. So here I am, with nerds and other dickheads, writin this auto-bi-o-graphy. How’s that gonna help me. The teacher says write about your life.

My life’s shit. Let’s see, just me and mum really, and some bloke that sleeps in mum’s bed, who’s supposed to be my dad. I did have a younger sister but dad beat her so bad, that she died. The coppa reckons it was an ‘unfortunate accident’. My arse it was. Dad was pissed and high one night. She was cryin. He flogged her and then threw her on the driveway and backed over her. She was only little. Me mum tried to kill herself after that. Anyway, where was I, yeh, can’t afford any pets. Well dad said, ‘over his dead body’. Not allowed to listen to head bangin music at home; can’t afford it either. To escape this shit hole, I go down to Tommy’s where I meet me friends on the weekend. He doesn’t rag on us. He let’s us be. We sit in his café stoking a cold coke if we do some jobs for him. Not saying what exactly, but the coppa don’t bother us there. Also after school, we go to the skate park to forget our troubles; no crack-head dads there. We live in a crap house with cold water, amongst other crap houses with kids like me. Coppa reckons we’re destined for the scrap heap or juvey. I reckon if I write like this honest, the teacher’ll send me to detention. Betta tone it down, cos I don’t feel like me old man visitin the principal, seeings as I’m on my last warning.

My name’s Jed Skye. I have dreams of being a motor mechanic. I live in a house with my mum and dad. My little sister died when a car hit her, when we lived in the city. We moved here last year because it is quieter than where we lived before; in a busy city. Dad says we’ll get a pet dog one day, so he can come skateboarding with me. I like loud music and catching up with my mates at the skatepark after school. I’m lucky because sometimes we go to Tommy’s Café on weekends to hang out. My parents want me to go to school because they want me to make something of myself. I hope to one day get a job, so I can have my own car and take my mum … shopping. I fear I won’t get a job, so then I won’t have my own car and take my mum shopping. This is my story so far.