Week 1 – 2 Perspectives and Voice

Assignment 1 – one person’s perspective

It felt so achingly real, that it was as if I had been there. My baby sister, 2½ year old, was involved in a ride-on mower accident, where part of her little foot was badly mangled.

During one of my boarding school’s monthly Sunday visits, I recall getting off the bus, but there was no baby sister to excitedly greet me.  I immediately felt disorientated as to why she wasn’t there. Mum distracted me by discussing her Italian cooking, which she had brought. She busied herself, positioning everything on the bright seersucker tablecloth. I became agitated and frantic as to why she wouldn’t answer me.
He turned to Mum and waited for her to explain.

I sat there numb. I consoled myself that my baby sister was still alive. The thought of my little sister in that big hospital building alone with no family to look after her was unbearable.

Dad drove us in our 1960’s light green Holden sedan to the hospital. I felt so small against the backdrop of that unwelcoming white-washed concrete building. It loomed eerily in broad daylight and I hated that my baby sister was trapped in there somewhere.

Mum urged me to go alone, so I tentatively walked down that dark, windowless corridor. I peered, searching for her, straining to catch a glimpse of her. I knew the first thing I wanted her to see was me: happy and smiling.

Suddenly, as I rounded the corner, I saw her slumped tiny body in the cot, dressed in hospital whites. She instantly stood up and reached towards me.She urgently cried out my name, begging me to take her home.
“How long had my family kept this secret from me?”
Her little arms were outstretched. I knew I wasn’t allowed to pick her up. I was weeping inside. I hugged her while she clung to me. I gently plied her little arms away, and rambled on cheerfully about nothing. She was so sad, but I was sadder. She again strained her skinny little limbs, willing me to pick her up. I knew I had to leave soon or I would sob uncontrollably with her.

I promptly turned and walked away. My heart was agonizingly desolate. My once happy face, now contorted, drenched by flooding tears. I had to restrain my gulping sobs. I had to shut off her desperately sad little voice, as I walked back down that horrible, wretched, sterile-white corridor.

Assignment 2 – a different person’s perspective

My big sister is coming. I see her.
She’ll take me home. She’s so happy to see me.
What? She wants to leave already. Why is she leaving me behind? I cry out in desperation. I continue bawling as my little body is racked with gulping sobs. She is deserting me to this strange place. I love my big sister. She doesn’t even turn to look at me. She mustn’t love me anymore. My heart aches so bad that I plonk myself down, sobbing myself to sleep. They have left me here again. Why?