Week 3 – Dialogue

Assignment 3 – Insert dialogue into Assignment 2 – 499words

On his way to the skate park, Jed delved into his jacket pocket for the slice of meaty pizza, which he had carefully wrapped for lunch. He stopped midway through a bite.

‘Hello there. Are you lost mate?’ said Jed, carefully rewrapping the pizza.

‘Does it look like I’m lost?’

‘Always wanted a pet. I’m gonna call you Scout.’

‘Better think twice buddy. Scout’s not a terribly courageous name.

But I’ll have some of that pizza.’

The black and white speckled mutt happily followed Jed, letting its tongue wipe the rim of its mouth, making sure every meaty scrap was accounted for.

‘You’ll suit me just fine.’

‘So will you.’

‘But we’re gonna have to hide you. Me old man’s a nark.’

‘I’m good at hiding. I call it being inconspicuous.’

Jed headed for Tommy’s Café. It would be the perfect hiding place. Finally, life would be less lonely with a pet. Jed cast his brown eyes over the long haired fur ball and gave him a playful rub.

‘Yeh, you might be a keepa Scout. You don’t answer back. You don’t beat on me, and you keep your mouth shut.’

‘If you keep talking, you won’t be a keeper. But if you get me some more of that tasty pizza, I’m all yours.’

As they arrived at Tommy’s Café, a man staggered from around the corner. He stumbled on the uneven footpath and came up swinging.

‘What the hell’s that?’ he said, pointing at the dog, and smelling of stale beer.

Jeb responded without flinching, ‘It’s Tommy’s. Just takin him for a walk.’

‘Betta be, cos I’d flog you with that strap hangin behind the door…you sniveling shithead.’

The best course of action was never to give him an excuse. Jeb let his dad continue staggering and expelling expletives, directing them at anyone within earshot.

‘You drunken bastard. What are we going to do about him Scout?’ said Jed thoughtfully, while rubbing Scout’s ear.

‘The same thing I did to my last owner.’

He looked at the dog more closely, ‘I’d swear you could understand me.

‘I’d swear too, but ladies don’t swear.’

‘If only you could talk buddy.’

‘You just can’t understand me yet, Jed Skye, but give it time.

As they entered Tommy’s, Jed headed directly the kitchen. Tommy gave Jed’s newfound friend a welcoming scratch and some bread dipped in Bolognese sauce. Scout was beginning to like this attention.

‘Just heard your old man raggin on you,’ said Tommy, as he started grilling the fish.

‘Yeh, one day,’ said Tommy quietly, clenching his fists till his knuckles whitened.

‘I’ve offered to help you. That mother of yours deserves better and so do you,’ said Tommy, flicking Scout another tasty saucy crust.

‘Look, I need a place for me dog, cos I can’t take him home.’

‘I’d rethink the ‘him’ because I think that ‘he is a she’,’ said Tommy, as he stroked her underbelly.

‘Aaah, finally, someone who knows a lady when he sees one.’